Welcome to the FAQ page!

We are glad to see you on our website, where you can get a wide range of services for writing texts. In this section, we have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions about the neural network for copywriters to help you get complete information about the services and the work process.

What services does your website provide?

We are pleased to offer our customers access to advanced technologies in the field of text content. Our neural network and chatbot “AI-Copywriter” are able to provide you with services for writing texts to order, including articles, copywriting, rewriting, text proofreading, error correction, writing texts for landing pages, SEO texts for websites, infostats, news, advertising promotexts, reviews, comments and much more. AI can also create unique images for your content. And also help you with writing css, html, php code and translations. Working with it, you will get high-quality text content that will attract the attention and interest of your customers.

What is the cost of your services?

You can see the cost on the tariffs page. Payment is taken precisely for the tariff and access to the service for a certain time, which includes tokens for the chatbot to work and order services from it. You can try the service before purchasing the tariff and see if everything suits you.

How to use the service?

Choose a test tariff and write a task to the chatbot on the main page of the site and it will immediately begin to perform. If you have run out of text period, then get access for 1 day or more. And use the service to the fullest!

What are coins and why are they?

To work as an AI Copywriter, it is necessary to have coins in the account, which we denote by the symbol as “coins”. You can purchase access and receive 2 coins per day to use the service. For example, 0.002 coins is enough to write about 1000 characters. Generating one 1024×1024 image costs $0.020.

How do I pay for access?

It is necessary to choose a tariff, a convenient payment method and place an order. After that, you will receive payment instructions or will be redirected to the payment system for payment.
We accept payment via payment systems such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and others. We also accept bank transfers and electronic payment systems.
After paying for the service, you will receive a payment confirmation and a notification that you have access to the site and resources.

What else is important to know about an AI chatbot?

It is also important to know that our chatbot was trained in English, so to get more accurate and high-quality answers, it is recommended to write in English and then translate the text through an online translator if you need another language. This will increase the number of responses by 70-80% and help save you money.

What is the limit for generating text and images for a chatbot?

In the language model, the limit is up to 4096 characters per dialog, including questions and answers. For example, if you sent 1000 characters of text to a chatbot, then the maximum response will be 3096 characters (4096 – 1000). With paid access, 2 coins are credited to the user’s account. The total limit on the number of symbols per day is more than 1000000 (2 coins are divided by 0.002 coins per 1000 characters). To process a large text, you should split it into parts and create a new chat for each part to reset the character count and memory.

In the 3 coins image model, you can create up to 100 images per day (2 coins are divided by 0.020 coins for one 1024×1024 image).

You can use your available balance of 2 coins to generate both text and images in any combination and combination that you need. For example, you can spend 1 coins to generate text and 1 coins to create images, or vice versa. This gives you the flexibility to use the tools and helps you create content based on your needs.

What is the uniqueness of the text that AI writes?

If the neural network created it independently, then the uniqueness will be 100%. However, if you ask a chatbot to reformulate a ready-made text, then the uniqueness may decrease slightly. In any case, you can try out both options, compare the uniqueness and choose the one that suits you best.

What is the best way to ask a chatbot to write a text?

You can ask him in the chat using the command “Write an article on the topic: and specify the Topic here”, or ask him to reformulate the existing text with the command “Improve the text: and here is your text”. If you want to expand the text, then use the command “Expand the article: and here is the text of the article”. If it is necessary to supplement the text, the command will be “Supplement the article: and here is the text of the article”. Try all the options and choose the most convenient way to communicate with AI.

If the text that the AI wrote did not suit?

If you don’t like the text written by the neural network, then you can create a new chat and request writing a new text, or ask to rewrite and improve the existing text. Each time the AI will create a new version of the text, after which you will be able to compare all the options and choose the most suitable one for you.

How to write a big article using a neural network?

The neural network has a limit on the number of characters in 4096 per dialog, so to create large texts, you need to write them in portions. It is recommended to create a new chat for each part of the article. For example, you can split an article into 3 parts and write each part separately in your chat, and then combine all the parts into one large article. In addition, the AI makes excellent lists, so you can supplement each part of the article with a list with or without numbering. This will give the article additional interest and ease of perception.

What does “The prompt is too long! It contains about 4362 tokens (estimation). The model turbo only accepts a maximum of 4096 tokens.”?

What does “The prompt is too long! It contains about 4362 tokens (estimation). The model turbo only accepts a maximum of 4096 tokens.”?
It means that your request is too long! It contains approximately 4362 tokens (estimate) when the turbo model accepts a maximum of 4096 tokens. In this case, you should open a new chat, since one dialog cannot contain more than 4096 characters. To do this, just click on the “Clear” button.

How to use a chatbot effectively?

1. For effective interaction with the chatbot, it is necessary to provide specific instructions. A clear and specific request will allow you to get a more accurate and useful response from the chatbot. Questions should be formulated as accurately and fully as possible in order to increase the chances of getting an answer that will meet the needs.

2. The chatbot is trained in various languages, but English prevails in the training base. For the most effective use of the chatbot, it is recommended to send requests in English. If you need to use other languages, you can use online translators.

3. If too much data was entered during the chat, it is recommended to start a new chat to avoid losing subsequent responses. This will ensure more efficient use of the chatbot and maintain the correspondence between questions and answers.

4. Polite phrases are not necessary when communicating with a chatbot. It does not require eloquent instructions, only clear and specific requests. Using simpler phrases and language will help achieve the best results.

5. When communicating with a chatbot, make sure that you understand all the answers. If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to ask clarifying questions. This will help to get a more accurate and useful answer.

6. A chatbot may not always give accurate answers to all questions. If you have not received the desired response, you can try to reformulate your request or use other resources to get a response.

How does our chatbot differ from others?

Our neural network and chatbot with AI have the same advanced capabilities as the most well-known modern services. However, we pay more attention to the needs of English-speaking users and offer the widest possible range of payment options, including cryptocurrency. In addition, our service is available in many countries.

Didn’t find the answer to your question?

If you have any questions about working with the AI-Copywriter chatbot, and you have not found an answer to them, contact us. We will try to provide you with the required information.