Rules of payment and access to the service

When making a payment, you do NOT link your card or account, and the money will not be debited without your knowledge. This is not a subscription, but a purchase of access (tariff) for a certain period. However, an extension may be offered.

Prices for tariffs are indicated in dollars, but euros, electronic money, cryptocurrency and other currencies are also accepted for payment. To make a payment, you must select the appropriate method from the ones presented on the checkout page.

Payment is made for access to a neural network, a chatbot with artificial intelligence “AI-Copywriter” on the site The service is able to provide services for writing texts to order, including articles, copywriting, rewriting, text proofreading, error correction, writing texts for landing pages, SEO texts for websites, infostats, news, advertising promotexts, reviews, comments and reviews, translations, scripts, writing css, html, php code and much more.

When paying online, the tariff is activated automatically and access to the service is immediately opened. In case of money transfer from account to account, the tariff is activated after verification by our employee. If the tariff plan is changed or extended ahead of time, the coins available on the old tariff are not saved and are not combined with the new tariff.

The service is considered rendered at the time of tariff activation and when access to the service is opened. There is no refund after activation of the tariff. However, it is possible to extend the validity of the tariff in case of technical problems and unavailability of the service.

We are constantly working to improve our AI Copywriter and chatbot, but we cannot guarantee its perfect performance. In this regard, the results obtained by you may be unreliable and not meet your expectations. Please note that our chatbot cannot serve as a financial advisor, and all the information received should be rechecked.

After paying for the service, you agree to the user agreement, confirm that you have read the questions and answers, as well as tried the service and everything suits you.

All services on the website provided by the Administration — Self-employed “Mikhailova Irina Alexandrovna”.